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Hot Premium Purewater Window Cleaning

Kings Purewater Cleaning Services

The Product
What is Pure Water Window Cleaning Technology?

Pure water has had all its impurities like nitrates, sodium, calcium and chloride removed. Accomplished using a series of filtration stages, including reverse osmosis, the result is water that is 100% pure.
Leaving it perfect for cleaning windows.

I now use a Hot Premium Purewater system which gives far superior cleaning than older cold water systems.

Pure Water Technology
No Smears or Spots
Pure water is excellent at breaking down and dissolving dirt, leaving no residue of chemicals or detergent on the glass.
Just perfectly clean windows.
No Missed Windows

Using my specialist extendable reach, water-fed pole with a soft bristle cleaning brush at the end, I’m able to access all windows at your property.

No Damaged Tiles

Tired of traditional window cleaners cracking your tiles and breaking your gutters?
I use the highest quality carbon poles reaching up to 36ft, so everything’s done from the ground.

Clean Frames & Sills

I don’t just clean your windows.
Your window frames, sills and doors are all cleaned as standard, so you’re saving money too.

Van equipment

I bring everything with me

My specialist van carries a massive 750 litre pure water tank. Enough for the largest of jobs. The system comprises a 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration system which rids Staffordshire’s hard water of all its minerals and impurities. This ensures the water is totally pure. This water is delivered from the holding tank to a series of hoses and up to a water fed brush head, using powerful delivery pumps which are fully flow controlled via the onboard control panel. This ensures the correct amount of water is supplied to clean your windows at all times.

I hadn't really expected the whites to come up as well as they did. Very happy with the results and now we are the cleanest looking house on the street. Excellent firm and great people.

Little W

Brilliant service. Graham has made a fantastic job of our windows and doors, frames and soffits. They look like new again. Very dedicated highly professional service.

Beverly R3

Grays window service has provided a reliable very effective ability to clean our windows fast and to a very high standard!

Jonathan A5

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Pure Water Window Cleaning in Cheadle, Tean, Uttoxeter, Hilderstone, Blythe Bridge, Meir Hay, Longton, Weston Coyney, Werrington, Dilhorne, Kingsley, Cheddleton, Oakamoor.
If your area isn’t listed above, please contact me for more information.

Kings Purewater Cleaning Services